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The Amazon parrot is one of the many colorful parrots that fascinate large and small when it is seen in some exhibitions or in photographic reports of faraway places. However, he does not like to be understood as one of many and has his reasons. In this article we will find the reasons why it should be considered one of the most beautiful parrots to have live in a cage, or to have photographed maybe hanging on the wall of your office. Let’s discover together the characteristics of the Amazon parrot.

They are medium-sized parrots that have as their natural habitat various very different countries where it is difficult to find a common factor, one thing is certain: they are not native to our country. They come mainly from South America, Central America and the states that are bathed by the Caribbean Sea.
Their green color, in almost the whole body, were it not for spots and patches that make them a sight to admire distinguishes them from other parrots, but not from all . As a bird it can be defined as a compact and robust structure, it is not huge but it is massive, the impression is also given by the fact that its tail is rather short and the beak can be said to be “stocky” and very strong.
As a character, our Amazon parrot is a rather sociable type with its own kind, it is not a solitary animal but tends to live in flocks or at least in family groups. Taken individually or together with others, it proves to be a very active and intelligent bird, tends to interact amicably with human beings towards which it has no prejudices of any kind and is predisposed to establish a relationship of mutual respect.

Oratrix amazon
White-fronted amazon

Blue-fronted Amazon xanthopteryx
Red-fronted Amazon

Amazon Ochrocephala
Amazon of Cuba

Amazon viridigenalis
Amazonic amazon