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The blue-yellow macaw, often simply called “ararauna”, is undoubtedly the most well-known and most widespread species of ara: color and size, docility and tranquility make it excellent as a pet but also as a circus juggler (in some water parks and playgrounds in fact these parrots are a real attraction, alone or in association with other animals).
It is a very beautiful animal in shape and color, long-lived and very robust and above all it is the ara that best of all has lent itself to reproduction in captivity: this is the reason for its great success with breeders and enthusiasts.
It is one of the largest parrots, with its 86–88 cm, thanks also to its long tail. It is also known for its longevity, being able to reach and exceed 70 years.
In appearance is a bird with a wild shape (ie elongated), rather strong and compact, with a good wingspan. In fact it is a good flyer but like most of the Psittaciforms it loves to climb making use of the strong legs and the beak.