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CONURI (reproductive pairs)

The conures are medium-small size parrots originating in South America, endowed with a long tail, strong beak and a periophthalmic ring of bare or partially feathered skin.
There are forty-five living species of conures, many of which are green in color, complemented by others in a different association. If properly kept and fed properly, they can live up to 20-25 years.
For the Conuri it is recommended a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, with a few oily and germinated seeds, being very careful that the food supplies excellent amounts of vitamins and mineral salts. The diet must be as varied as possible, in order to guarantee the parrot to stay healthy and satisfy his biological need to change taste and to be able to choose.
It is necessary to constantly stimulate the curiosity of the parrot by offering food in different ways, for example by sticking oil seeds in fruit or vegetables, in order to encourage research and facilitate first contact with a new food. In this way we will ensure the entertainment of our friend by removing, at least in part, the dangerous boredom.

Conuri of sun

Conuri yandaia