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The Lori parrots are native to Australia, New Guinea, Philippines, in nature they feed mainly on flower nectar, very ripe fruits and some invertebrates.
In captivity, this diet must be adjusted and integrated but not replaced with the common mixtures of seeds in order not to create even serious imbalances: the fat seeds are badly metabolized with liver and digestive resentments.
These parrots have specialized in feeding on nectar, pollen and fruit pulp thanks to a particular anatomical conformation of their tongue, completely different from those of all the other parrot species: the surface has a sort of “hair” on the surface (papillae) filiform) a brush that allows the parrot to extract pollen and flower nectar.
Stomachs also have a reduced thickness because they specialize in digesting aqueous and soft food (except for parrots of the genus Trichoglossus, capable of eating insects with chitin and therefore more laborious to digest).
 The intestine is also shaped differently: it is shorter and the food stays for less time in the digestive system. The feces are liquid, you have to keep it in mind if you decide to adopt a lori as a pet.

Lorichetto moluccano
Lorichetto Forstenii

Lorichetto Euteles
Lory dal berretto